Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Lets Have A Sit Down....

Helloooo again how are you? No point answering really but I was thinking that one of my posts about exam results had one of the most views on my blog so I presume that it would be fun for me to do a talkative advice post or something along the lines so this topic is going to be:


... Yes I needed to put that in capitals as it is one big dreaded subject that many adolescent people struggle with, and if you don't, well were all very happy for you but please don't brag.
My life at a girls school has encouraged me to interact with other girls who mostly rely on first impressions to figure out ones character. And do you know what?? Theres nothing wrong with that! Its perfectly fine because many people don't want to waste effort on people that might not even be to their kind of person they want to be friends with. However from my experiences some positive first impressions have turned into unsettling friendships...


1. This tip has always worked without me knowing, which is to not force friendships! Don't just barge into a place with the one intention to make friends. its only recently that Ive realized that all the friends I have ever made were at the time when I didn't expect it. So if you are joining a new school or something and you just want to make friends, then you're gonna go home feeling disappointed.

2.  That tip just led me on to this one... let people come to you. I'm not saying just sulk in the corner expecting everyone to come rushing to you to spray you with love and affection. What I mean is don't just start barging in a conversation and not even suppose that the people might be like wtf? So just get on with what you're supposed to be doing, theres no rush you know!

3. Don't be rude. If the person DOES say hi to you, say hi back! Laugh at their joke, answer their questions, this really shouldn't be a rule as this is just basic politeness. On the other hand, theres a thin line in being reserved and being rude.

4. Find out similarities. Now this can be hard because almost no one has the power to see through other peoples minds and find out every thing they enjoy and dislike so you know exactly everything you need to say so you can have the most perfect conversation about your similarities. No. So this is where you take the plunge and reveal your opinion into the big wide world and hope that the 50/50 chance that the person agrees with you will miraculously happen. If it does, waheey. If it doesn't, well then you can discuss why. And if your love of friends doesn't approve of them and they reject you for ever, well then thats their loss.(but seriously, how can they not love friends?)

5. Don't let your joy over a new acquaintance take over your sense. If you've read Sense and Sensibility,  (spoiler alert) you'll know that Marianne Dashwood didn't have such a happy ending with her relationship with Willoughby. So don't just immediately invite each other over straight away and buy horses for one another. Maybe see what other people have to say about him/her, stay tactful and if you've heard the person to be quite a) clingy or b) nasty then you'll know what to do and decide whether you want to be close with the person or not.

So yeah I hope you enjoyed my tips and no I am not a massive socialite who knows all the tricks in the book for completely smooth social situations (I wish).
Please comment any feedback and any constructive criticism for me and I hope you have a nice day.

Jade x

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere, I Decide To Read

Hello again! I will give you my crap excuse about not posting for over a week and that is (drumroll please) ...... I am in France. Sorry to disappoint but I am afraid again this year, for the fifteenth year to be precise, I am in the dead village in the mountains called Arfons where my grandparents holiday house is. Sigh, although that this is one of my favorite places in the world, it only takes 3 minutes bike ride to do a full tour of the village and I often to the tour 5 times therefore I just have to awkwardly pass everyone saying 'Bonjour' 5 times. No ones really my age, so I am left having to entertain myself. So yes, you've guessed it, I end up reading.

I successfully achieved the summer goal of reading 5 books, (hint hint, read my last blog post) and have so far read seven. Having secretly nipped my granddads laptop which has all the letters switched round as for the keypad being french, i will give you a weekly review of a few books that i have been reading so far. On that note, I will stop nagging about my boring life and get to it:

 I can shamefully say that I couldn't get this picture on my blog for 15 minutes because i don't know how to use macs. However I CAN say that this book is awesome. When my mum first recommended this book to me I had absolutely no interest in it. after lots of recommendations I decided to give it a go. After pushing it to the side for other books I can say that I did not give this book a proper chance. So I picked it up again and after that I struggled to put it down. Set in a totalitarian world, Orwell opens your eyes to the possibilities that could happen to our lives just by the government wanting power. Most people have to put some effort into the reading it before truly enjoying it, after around fifty pages in I was completely intrigued. So for any of you who thinks that this is just a boring english teachers' favorite, don't push it to the side. Your english teacher has good taste!

So this book is probably the hardest book that I've to read, and one of the best books I've read! With the film adaptation being banned for years because of the violent scenes, A Clockwork Orange sort of frightened me. Again this book is the authors message and warning of the predicted future of youth crime and culture. The reason this being the hardest book to read, the author created the future nadsat teenage slang which I had to figure out. the book only being 150 pages I thought this book could be read in under a day however the new language left me tired of catching up on translations. In the perspective of the criminal adolescent himself the reader really captures the mindset of young sociopaths and the source of such evil.

Okay, enough of the sinister books for now. Submarine is officially (in my opinion) so much better than the film. The book has more awkward moments, weird ideas by Oliver Tate and more and more hilarious bits in the book that I still can't get out of my head. The reality of being a teenage boy (also being compared by reviewers to Holden Caulfield from The Catcher In The Rye which happens to be another favorite of mine), the author really reaches out to the teenage audience and breaks the truth about the difficulties of becoming an adult. So I would watch the film first then read the book to find out even more funny things that Oliver Tate contemplates about and does. Well done, Joe Dunthorne!

Ive figured that you've had enough of me rambling on, being a pretentious bum who sounds like a book connoisseur wannabe. And you can tell that I even began the paragraph with 'Ive' and not 'I've'. Now you've gone to check. Haven't you also noticed that I started the second sentence with 'and' (apparently you're not supposed to). You've gone to check that too. Gotcha!

Jade x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Summer: The Emotional Ride

I can announce that it is definitely summer; and even cloudy England is having beautiful weather. I have returned from Menorca with 20 mosquito bites and an incredibly noticeable tan line , however I have come to fear that my summer objectives have already been achieved. (Basically to get  a tan and actually get off my arse and do some exercise) so now I can relax in the same pajamas I've had for 4 days straight with greasy hair while scoffing monster munch while watching movies. What could be better than that? Well, everything really. Yeah, a tan is great and now I can actually get my legs out in PE without feeling like I'm falling into the hole of shame; but is that a crap achievement? sort of because it was achieved by me lying in a sun lounger for five hours reading and sleeping. Doesn't seem very achieving if you ask me.

therefore I have come to a decision that I should have 5 proper summer goals that I feel that I will definitely achieve in the summer

1. Go to at least one form of festival

2. Read 5 Books

3. Update my diary every two to three days

4. Learn fifty new words in French and be clear of all the grammar I have learnt

5. Train myself to swim across a lake that I have swam in since I was a baby.

so tomorrow I am heading off to France having been at Chagstock festival last weekend (one to cross off) and I am currently reading four books at the moment, so I am feeling extremely hopeful.

Oh and I hope you wont mind me popping a few summery pictures will you??

photo creds to Joy here

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Movie Lovin'

Lately I have been loving the film Spike Island.

Yes,this film is so awesome that it even has Nico Mirallegro with a bowl cut (waheey). 'Spike Island' is a 2012 film set in 1990 in Manchester where a group of lads who are trying to start out their band go and see their most beloved group: The Stone Roses.

It is a hilarious movie with also moments where you shed a tear and make you want to be a younger in the 90's. With an awesome soundtrack to some of the Stone Roses' classic singles, (may I also mention that since the film I am considering Fool's Gold to be my alarm in the mornings) you certainly cant go wrong with this film. Starring some of today's' best young actors (can you recognize Chop and Finn from My Mad Fat Diary;) ?? eh? eh??) , it can really prove that sometimes, British television and film can be the best.

Also remember, It ain't where you're from, its where you're at.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Menorca '14

Yes I packed my bags and set off to the beautiful Spanish island Menorca (yes, Menorca, NOT Mallorca!) with my dad and his girlfriend and my brother and sister. We arrived in Mahon quite late but after saying in a hotel for the night and getting bitten seven times by mosquitoes, we got to walk round and go to our apartment for the week.

Seen as it was the beginning of July it meant that it was around 27 degrees which was lovely but at the same time I wouldn't collapse due to heat stroke. We had a pool in the private apartments so I could practice my diving and bombs (I know, I'm the new Tom Daley) and for most days I was just chilling in a sun lounger, lathered in SPF 15 sunscreen because I' that desperate for a tan, reading Morrissey's autobiography and being utterly fascinated by what goes on in his mind

the view from our apartment balcony

Nearly every evening we would go out for dinner or for drinks and we would eat amazing food including sea food and lush tasting ice cream! I can guarantee you that there was at least one ice cream shop on every road.

  the harbor that we would walk along at night

me looking glamorous while sipping my massive apple juice

What I also adored about the lace we stayed in was the fact that i you wanted to go into the sea, there was a path way next to the apartments that led you to the cliffs that had ladders for you to go down or you could jump from the rocks! before I finish this post below there is my father jumping into the sea... and then there's me.

Love Jade x

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Music: Old Skool

Me and my mum share this love for 80's old skool rap (yes my mum is that cool) and she recommended some albums to listen to or buy. So again I rummaged through my mums'
CD collection again and found more goodies.


Okay were gonna start this off by going proper gangster here. This group in the 80s started off as gangsters living in California's minority area: Compton. With the group containing Ice Cube, Eazy E, Yella Mella, MC REN and even Dr. Dre! These criminals have been known as those who really started 'gangster rap' with constant cursing and offensive language, this posse is not for listening to with kids around! With their sick album: 'Straight Outaa Compton' with songs such as 'Fuck da Police' (this song is a complaint about the olice department in California constantly assuming black people are committing crimes as they are the 'minority')and 'Dopeman', this group are the group to turn to if you wanna know what the gangster life is really like.


I demand you all to go to youtube and listen to Gang Starr's album 'Daily Operation', it is honestly hand down one of the best alums I've ever listened to. Not one song I would be bored of! I especially love the song 'Flip the Script' and I have nothing more to say all I'm saying is go listen to it now!


Now this is pure eighties! If you look at the album cover below for their album 'Fruits of Nature' you can tell straight away that this was in the eighties just because of the air max! I aint talking air max we wear today, you can just smelll the eighties. This album is fun to dance to and great if you wanna just have the house to yourself and grab a broom and wiggle your booty until your neighbors get freaked out :L

Well, actually i have to admit that this album actually came out in 1991 but the duo formed in the late 80s! Well, thats alright then isnt it?


Now this is quite recent, but this is pure old skool club dance music and a great sort of music to bob your head along to. This guy knows how to make you get up and dance and this was recommended to me by an old friend who is crazy about music and knew i would love this. And i did and i still do now!

Hope this has helped any of you who are considering listening to this genre of music.

Love Jade x

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Exams are shit.

I'm not lying about the title. They really are. But do you know what's worse? Getting your results (and if they're not very good) and when we go through the answers all of the things you've learned just comes back to you and all you feel is utter stupidity.

However we're just gonna focus on getting your results. Personally, I don't like it when people ask you immediately what mark you got. Unfortunately, there are lots of girls at my school that do that. Everyone is competing over who got higher marks even though someone else s' mark doesn't effect their own?                                                                                                                                                    
This post isn't going to be a massive rant about people being annoying after exams because I hate to break it to you but these people probably aren't going to stop or just suddenly disappear off the face of the earth. Maybe they just didn't know that you don't want to share your results with others. I know some people that haven't shared any of their results with ANYONE. Not even with their best friend.

So here are some short little tips on how to deal with those times when you think you have failed in life and you reckon that your brain is the size of a peanut.

BTW: I just thought that the picture was funny.

1) BREATHE. Remember this one. You did the exam and the tense moment of finding out your score is finally over. Give yourself a break. Breathe in and out and let those butterflies in your stomach go away. (also make yourself an excuse to get a kitkat!)

2) CAST BACK. If you are not pleased with your results, cast back to when you were revising and how much you actually did. If you dont remember, then you probably didnt. If you didnt study then dont put yourself down and think  that you will stay in school until you're thirty. ITS FINE. Next time you'll know what to revise more on and hopefully you will be more successful next time.

3) SMILE. This is so important. Even if you failed a smile is best so you wont be asked so much about what mark you got. If someone asks if you're happy about your mark and you have a smile on your face, then they can get an impression that you are feeling confident and they can leave you alone.

4) SHRUG IT OFF. If you did revise really hard and you did not get the mark that you hoped for, just remind yourself where you are and that this happens at least once to everybody. YOU ARE IN A SCHOOL. You are surrounded by loving (although you may not think it) and caring teachers that want you to get good grades and you may think that they might have failed as a teacher if their class got bad results. the teachers can tell you what is needed to get better grades next time and that school is a place to make mistakes and learn from them, right?

5) TARGET YOURSELF. There's no need to be a perfectionist; however you can never push yourself too much. point out your weakest aspects in the exam and use that as a guide for next year for when you revise again. Trust me it works.

6) BE HAPPY FOR OTHERS. Dont let the green eyed monster take over you and accept the fact that there are always going to be people that are better than you at some things but aren't as good as you for other things. They worked hard! Good for them. be supportive and maybe be the shoulder to cry on if they get a bad result.

you never know though, you could be the person asking others about their results.I know I have! If you dont want others knowing about your results,then dont tell them! After all, its none of their business.

Love Jade x